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Gutter and Down Pipes

Apart from the products and services that we discuss below, we invite you to contact us about any rain water management issue that you are faced with. We may just have a solution for your problem.

We supply the following range of products and services:

Seamless Gutters

The standard range of seamless gutters (seven colours) includes:

  • 125x85mm domestic ogee profile gutter
  • 125x85mm domestic ogee profile gutter with art imprint by GutterArt™ Pattern
  • 150x125mm ogee profile industrial gutter
  • 150x150mm industrial box gutter (White and charcoal only)

Gutters can be fixed to fascia boards, rafter ends, and walls or hung from the roof itself. Concealed aluminium brackets are being used to fit the gutters and add to the seamless look.

Special Gutters

We also supply and fit any non-standard designed special bend up gutters of any required size and shape. Aluminium coil with different girths and thickness are being used to bend special gutters according to the necessary specifications in 6 meter lengths and we join them together during installation to create a watertight installation.

Down pipes

Customers can choose between aluminium and PVC down pipes. We install the following:

  • 75x50mm fluted rectangular domestic aluminium down pipes
  • 100x75mm fluted rectangular industrial aluminium down pipes
  • 80mm PVC down pipes
  • 110mm PVC down pipes

Ask us for a quote and experience quality service.

Colour Options

Gutters are pre painted and available in the following seven colours: white, ivory, dove grey, charcoal, brown, green and black.

GutterArt™ Available

Current available pattern: The Ashley pattern to give your property the classic look.

Gable and Fascia Cladding

Tired of maintenance on your wood fascias and gables?

Talk to us to get a quote for aluminium cladding that will match your gutters. We will cover your gables and fascias with aluminium so that you never have to paint them again.

Ask us for a quote and experience quality service.

Asbestos Removal

Gutter and down pipes

Get rid of your old asbestos gutters and down pipes in the correct way. We are licenced to handle asbestos and will issue you with a hazardous waste dumping certificate when we remove your old gutters. Best of all, we will do it at a 50% discount if we install your new gutters.

Roofs and structures

Talk to us for a competitive quote if you need to demolish and remove old asbestos roofs and structures.

Ask us for a quote and experience quality service.


We are certified contractors for asbestos demolition and removal which we facilitate through our associate company Asbes Away Pty Ltd.


Rainwater Conservation

Your roof is a catchment area for a precious commodity. Don't waste the rain water. Harvest and store it. Talk to us to identify optimal areas around any roofed structure where we can assist you with the supply and installation of different size storage tanks.